Most cannabis operators want to do business with passionate people they trust, not the big corporations just in it for the money. At Cann American Corp., we’ve earned that trust. We’re active, we’re visible, and we’re a very hands-on investment and business development partner. Our team is comfortable talking with operators as well as investment bankers, all while managing the demands of a publicly traded company. We recognize what the cannabis space needs to reach its potential and we are willing to provide the service it takes to get there.

The History

Since its founding in 2015, Cann American Corp. (OTC: CNNA), through its subsidiaries, has expanded its focus from developing legal hemp and cannabis industry infrastructure projects in Northern California toward developing assets, technologies, and executing strategic investments nationally in the legal cannabis and hemp industries.

The Vision

We enjoy working with people who are passionate about their ideas and committed to seeing them to fruition. We believe that the best way forward is to work as partners rather than us simply funding an idea. Our goal is always long-term success. If you’re interested in partnering with us to advance your idea to full innovation, reach out today!

“Cann American Corp. has always had our fingers on the pulse of the cannabis industry. We know national legalization is right around the corner and we’re positioning ourselves to become a national household brand within that sector.”

- Jason -

Cann American Corp. CEO

Jason Black, CEO

Jason Black is a serial entrepreneur with 12 years of public markets experience and 7 years of cannabis industry experience. Having previously worked and invested in an array of business sectors, from Real Estate Development to Executive Producing Music Albums, his diverse experience offers unique real-world insights and approaches to business transactions.

Several years, prior to taking Cann American Corp. public, Mr. Black had spent time consulting numerous private and public companies on various aspects of the cannabis industry.

With his extensive experience in business management, Mr. Black has been able to successfully take over 5 different public companies after years of delinquency and bring them current with their reporting obligations, each within just weeks after being appointed as CEO.

Brad Hanger, Director

Brad Hanger oversees Cann American Corp‘s Oklahoma initiatives. Mr. Hanger is well recognized within the cannabis business community, having consulted over 200 clients nationally.

Within the Oklahoma market, Mr. Hanger currently holds operator licenses within the fields of cultivation, processing, dispensary, and transport.

As President of Hanger Consultations, Brad and his colleagues assist cannabis start-ups in all aspects of the industry. His extensive experience provides Cann American Corp. with a wealth of resources and opportunities in Oklahoma.