Cann American Corporation (OTC: CNNA)

Family Of Brands

Hourglass Enterprises, LLC

A wholly owned subsidiary of Cann American Corp.

Hourglass Enterprises LLC is the premier provider of packaging and branding services for Oklahoma's cannabis industry. We understand how important it is to professionalize your company’s image, and we take care of every detail so you can focus on growing your brand.


Cannequipt serves as the research and development division of Cann American Corp. Originally founded in 2014, by cannabis industry pioneers Jason Black and Patrick King, Cannequipt is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Cann American Corp.

Cannequipt is always looking for new products and technologies to take to the next level. If your idea is something we can invest in, we can help you bring it to market.


Recognizing product delivery and convenience as the future of the cannabis industry, Cann American Corp. has partnered with Cannagram, a technology-driven delivery dispensary serving the Sacramento, California, region and surrounding areas.

The booming home delivery market was amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. From food and alcohol to cannabis dispensaries, reliable, innovative and tech-driven delivery platforms like Cannagram helped businesses keep their doors open and gave consumers safe access to the items they enjoy. Now there’s no going back. The legal cannabis industry generated sales of more than $17 billion in 2020, according to research firm BDSA, and the market is just heating up.

Delivery services are poised to be an essential part of broader cannabis market growth and Cann American Corp. intends to capitalize on this movement. The company holds an additional 10% ownership in Cannagram’s technology and the intellectual property that will power the scalable delivery platform and will use the Sacramento location as a beta test market to ready the platform for nationwide use. 

The total ownership stake of Cann American Corp. in Cannagram is expected to reach about 25% overall from our current 21%.

“I have long-believed that the future of cannabis is delivery. COVID validated this belief and ushered in great demand for reliable, tech-driven platforms to deliver a wide range of goods. We’re not letting this opportunity passes by. We believe Cannagram can be the premier cannabis delivery platform for customers nationwide and add unprecidented value for Cann American Corp. and it’s shareholders.”

Cann American Corp. CEO Jason Black